The Princess Who Saved Herself

a musical for any and all ages

Edric Haleen -- Book, Music, and Lyrics

Edric has been writing music since the early nineties.  In addition to the many songs he’s written for fun, for friends, or for Internet songwriting contests, he’s also now written two full stage musicals -- this one and The Pushcart War, based on Jean Merrill’s wonderful novel.  He first became aware of Jonathan Coulton when an Internet search for “Mandelbrot Set” led him to JoCo’s song of the same name, and he’s enjoyed Jonathan’s music ever since.

Jonathan Coulton -- Source Material

Jonathan Coulton rose to Internet fame when he recorded and published a new song every Friday for a year, an experiment he called “Thing a Week” which spawned such memorable songs as “Code Monkey,” “Re: Your Brains,” and his soft-rock remix of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back.”  He released “The Princess Who Saved Herself” in 2010 on the compilation album “Many Hands: Family Music for Haiti.”

In this show, the “Prologue” and “Finale/Bows” use The Princess Who Saved Herself, by Jonathan Coulton.

Additionally, the “Opening Sequence” includes a short excerpt from Mandelbrot Set, by Jonathan Coulton.