The Princess Who Saved Herself

a musical for any and all ages


Interested in staging this show?

Please feel free to contact me (Edric Haleen) to discuss the possibility of staging your own production of this show.  If you represent an amateur or a non-for-profit theatre group, please know that I am not going to ask for any royalties or charge you any fees for for your production if in exchange you will promise that every child who attends your shows will leave with a book.

I have the following resources available for producers of this show:

    Digital .pdf copies of books (which can be printed and spiral bound)

        personalized for each of the cast members which include the script,

        each actor’s songs, and a dramaturgy section for additional insights

        about the characters in particular and the show in general.

    Digital .pdf copies of books for the director and the music director.

        The director’s copy includes facing pages which can show the

        floor plan of the set and the music director’s copy includes rehearsal

        resources as well as the performance score.  Both copies include the

        dramaturgy section as well.

    Digital .pdf copies of books for the stage manager, sound designer,

        lighting designer, and assistant director.

    Sample sheet music you can disseminate prior to auditions, particularly

        for the characters who have to play a musical instrument in the show.

    Digital copies of the show logo to use for promotion.

    Rehearsal videos of every song in the show that your actors can use to

        help learn their songs.  (For songs with multiple characters singing

        different parts, each character has a separate video with his/her part

        more pronounced in the mix and the other characters’ parts at a

        lower volume level.)

    Text and video break-downs of Zoe’s hand movements while describing

        the astronomical mechanics of a solar eclipse.

    QLab files for the library/Mandelbrot Set fly-through and the eclipse.

    Digital images of the Mandelbrot Set to print as props.

    An audio file of the dial tone/touch tones for Philip’s phone call.

    A willingness to share my insights in bringing this show to the stage,

        including suggestions on approaching the casting process, thoughts

        on staging and costuming challenges, and ideas about promoting

        your production.