The Princess Who Saved Herself

a musical for any and all ages


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“Is beauty the stuff that makes everyone look the same?

Or is beauty the stuff that makes everyone different?”

“Your nose should be smaller.”

“Your hair should be straighter.”

“Your teeth should be whiter.”

“Your lips should be fuller.”

“Your skin should be smoother.”

“Your feet are too large!”

“Your thighs should be thinner!”

“Your legs should be longer!”

“Your waist should be smaller!”

“Your bust should be bigger!” . . .

Or, “You shouldn’t be green . . .”

“But I know people

    start to compare.

        And I know beauty

    gets misdefined as

‘Something-We’re-Not’ . . .”

“We all are unique.

We’re one-of-a-kind.

So when we look different

    from everyone else --

Why should anyone mind?”

“We’re born with our skin.

We’re born with our hair.

We’re born with our eyes

    and our feet

        and our nose

And the rest of what’s there.”

“Or do you accept it?

And maybe embrace it?

Do you celebrate

    how you’re unique

        or try to erase it?

Do you hide

    from the person you are

        or stand up and face it?

And say, ‘I’m unique.

    I’m one-of-a-kind.

        I am what I am.’”

“They’ll say you look pretty.

    (And maybe you do?!)

‘Cause right now

    you look just like

        everyone else . . .

But you don’t look like you.”

But what’s wrong with you?

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